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Hi, Does anyone know where I can get another explorer.exe file for windows xp service pack 3 because I tried running a patch to patch explorer.exe and soon after realized that it was meant for service pack 2 and when I try running the patch again to restore the original explorer.exe it doesn't work and I don't have a windows xp service pack 3 cd, when I try putting the sp2 cd into my drive and go to task manager and click new task and type in "SFC /SCANNOW"
it displays a msg box that explorer.exe has been modified and needs to be restored however it requires the sp3 cd and when I click retry nothing happens. if anyone knows where I could obtain another explorer.exe file for win xp sp3 please tell me! thank you!

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Hello All , I have got a solution :) , first this problem is caused viruses these viruses disabled explorer.exe services to activate this process and because you dont have option to use only task manager so please do the following :

2) Choose TASK MANAGER .
3) Click on NEW TASK.
4) Type Explorer.exe
5) Directly windows will open :)
6) Then Remove these viruses by using your Antivirus.

Please dont hesitate to ask me any questions.

Mustafa Tech.

Regards :)
Thank you

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I have problem in explorer .exe
do I get it frm net
Thank you so much!!! This worked a treat :o)
Thank you man!!!!
Mustafa thank you man. I was in condition that crying.
Really appreciate that, man. I thought i broke my computer LOL, screen went black and didn't know what to do. Thanks a lot
You can boot from your Windows XP CD and do a repair on Windows, however I suggest using a SP3 edition so you dont have to do as many updates.

First restart your PC with the Windows XP CD in the Drive (if your PC is set to boot from CD before the Hard Drive, you will get a prompt to Boot from the CD "Hit any Key"... If you dont see this and you see the Windows screen loading, the Boot order in the Bios will have to be changed.

After you boot into the CD, it will load some temp files and then the first thing it will ask is if you want to setup windows or to enter the repair console. You want to choose the Windows Setup (if I remember right its the top option of the two).
Then you will have to hit "F8" to agree to the Lic.
Then it will scan your Hard Drive automaticly for installations of Windows, when it does see it, it will come to another screen asking if you want to run a Repair on it, DO THAT.
The PC will start to copy temp files to the Hard Drive for the next part of the repair and will restart your PC when its done.
Let it boot like normal (not from the CD) and it will go into the second part of the repair.
About the middle way through the setup it may ask you for the Product Key for Windows so have that handy just in case.
When it comes up for the option to Make a User, click on "Skip" button on the bottom right of the screen.
Then log into Windows like normal. That will fix the missing files. Remember to check Windows Updates after the Repair is done.
copy paste from someone else s computer may sound tricky but works and worked for me use a pen drive for it
if u have modified wxplorer.exe then go to task manager --->new---run--->>now comes the main part
goto to the drive in which u have installed windows
then to a folder by the name of windows
in that select a file that has a same as explorer_original.exe and run that

it surely worked for me

comment if it works and even if it doesnt work
thankes but I want to know can fix errore

I need explorer.exe file. Is it possible to get from net?? expecting help from anybody....

> NiceGuy
I'm looking for one too.

I can't find it anywhere though...

If ur going to reinstall windows it will delete all settings and files off of ur hard drive so I recommend you backing up all ur data in disk or an external hard-drive then when installation is complete put it all back on there so to speak.
google pe search maar
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you must have the windows cd installation in order to do that without it you cant do something. dont you have any friend who can lend you one? try to have it and then do the repair
Thanks, I managed to get a hold of a friends win xp sp3 cd and did a "SFC /SCANNOw" and it replaced the file and explorer is working fine!
hey ihave a fix for this unless file is deleted start windows thb hit Ctrl-Alt-Del and open task manger
and hit start new task or what ever and type explorer.exe and run if not work then reinstall windows

Regarding to what Ace wrote: If I reinstall windows once more, will I get to keep my personal settings/programs after reinstatement? or do I have to copy them to a memory chip.
I know its an old post but this worked fine. Thanks
thanks :) it worked fr me

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