Fn / Function keys not working after format.

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I have an Acer aspire 5730z and the Fn / Function keys dosent work after format.
What can i do?
Thank you!

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Good Morning,

You must update all drivers for your hardware, and apply ALL UPDATES! If you havenot applied all updates, your machine is not secure!!!!!

Have Fun!
Thank you

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i did update the drivers but it's still didn't work...

Did you format with same Version of software, or did you "upgrade" to another version of O/S?

We need more imput with what you have attempted. Is your bios up to date. Did you format because your keyboard went bad? When I type in your model number into "the mighty search engine" it autocompletes with the last words of keyboard first with drivers second.

Please post back with some back story of why the reformat, and what have you tried.....believe me, I have put this forum through the wringers.......the more you give for info, the more help comes out to assist.

Please post back.