Laptop cant connect wirelessly to home hub

Pam - Feb 24, 2009 at 04:40 PM
 Rosco - Nov 24, 2010 at 12:37 PM

My daughters laptop cant connect to my wireless broadband. Her computer will connect when we put the ethernet cable in but cant find anything to connect to wirelessly. SHe is driving me mad by having the lead across the living room and I can't afford to get someone out to look at it. Please help!


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Hi there, I had the same problem today! I had to remove my security as it was interfering the the wireless connection, it started after allowing an update from microsoft.

After being on phone with SKY they asked me to remove my security from 'add /remove programes' and then try reconnecting the wireless before putting it back on. I had to re-start firewall and IP connects back to default before reconnecting aswell. It has worked for me x

If your daughter is able to talk to her broadband provider they may be able to talk her through it as I am useless at this kind of thing! Hope it helps
Hi Kula

Thank you for your reply. Our broadband is with BT and they did talk her through some suggestions but eventually told us that we should go to the computer provider for repair! The wireless connection has disappeared from her computer screen, but I was hoping there was another way round it though. I will get her to follow your instructions and see if it helps.

Many thanks again for replying.
Kind regards
I'm had this current, I can give you a few tips (BT probably gave them to you. Presuming you have the home hub 2.0 (Black Router with blue lights on the right hand side, BT icon in the top left.) But as for taking to to a repairer, is it that they are saying the laptop has a fault ?

Restart the wireless network (A button that says Wireless Association on the right hand side, just press it once)
If nothing had changed, proceed on the steps below
Go to http://bthomehub.home, log in
Click on settings
Click on wireless
Try changing the channels from automatic to either 1,7,10 or 11
Try restarting the router
Try moving the routers position close to the laptop and vice versa
If all the above fail to work best bet is a rebooting of the router, press and hold the restart button in for 20 seconds.

Unfortunately this is an old topic and it may be no use now, but its still handy to know for future reference
Hi Simon

Thank you very much for your reply. My daughter did eventually resolve the problem with the help of BT. We have that black router now but didn't at the time of the problem. I will keep your reply though as the information is helpful. Thank you again.

Just got mine and had the same problen....... Got over it by changing the channel to 7 and it's working perfectly now.

Thank you all.