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 juanford -
I have a Dell Vostro laptop & today I was connected to internet then working, a window asked me if i wanted to upload windows updates, I said "later". A while after, the updates started although I wanted to wait, all my programme shut down one after another, of course, then the screen went blank, windows updates steps 1 & 2 were successful, step 3 had a problem. A new window said there was an error & to read the errors report for details. My only option was to click on OK, so I did that - & got a blackscreen with an immobile cursor arrow. Turning it off didn't work for a long time, but finally it did turn off.

Now when I push on, I get the flash from the camera, wifi lights up & I hear some noise but that's it. F8 & F5 don't do anything. I can turn off the black screen but that's it.

I have Vista.
Any suggestion? this is really annoying since I didn't actually DO anything!!!

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try to boot in safe mode and then update your drivers.
this problem may be due to your video driver which needs to be updated.
Thank you

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This worked, I am saved ;-))

And now I know what it means booting in safe mode -

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