Squiggly light blue lines (like a bar code) on pictures [Solved/Closed]

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I have an HP Pavilion DV6. It is 5 years old with an SSD drive and extra memory. Recently, I noted squiggly light blue lines (like a bar code) on pictures while browsing the internet. I had someone apply artic silver under the CPU about 2 months ago. Could the silver be wearing out that quickly or is this getting to be a graphics card problem? I know how to apply the silver, but I don't think the blanket method is safe and I don't know how to solder whatever part it could be. Any ideas? Thanks.

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Hang in there.....

We can apply the "half-split" method for this one.....

Do the lines appear on an external monitor?

If the problem moves, then it is the graphics generator/connections......
...if it does not move, it is the monitor.

Post back.
Will it be ok if I plug it into the TV with the HDMI cable to check it when it happens?

Yea try it.....be certain to change to hdmi output.

Someone corr3ct me if I am wrong!
I just tried it and I didn't see it on the TV, nor did it happen again lately as I was surfing on the TV or off (It's pretty random). I have a feeling it may be the monitor.
:( Is this a common thing for laptops to do after being this old?

Well, if it is intermittent, then it may be connection.

Yes, it can happen on day three. Be happy your hardware lasted that long from some experiences!

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