"No signal" on monitor but the pc is running fine.

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Thursday January 2, 2014
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January 2, 2014
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So yesterday everything was fine with my computer and monitor and then I went to sleep (turned pc and screen off as always) and when I woke up it was working okay to the point I needed to log-into my user acc then the screen went black and the monitor power button started flashing red. I did switch off the pc and monitor for couple of minutes and then turned it on again and this time it just shows "no signal" and that's it... My brother cleaned the pc for me and everything seems to be working fine etc + he thought it might be the graphics card but it's working fine on his pc. Any ideas what might be wrong? I had this problem few times in the past few weeks but switching it off for couple of minutes has normally worked but not now. Help T__T

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Hang in there.

What happens if you hook the monitor up to his pc, since the card works in his pc, try the monitor and card on his pc. If the it all works fine, move the cables around and try to see if you possibly have a flakey monitor cable(highly unlikely). If the monitor does not work in his pc, then it is monitor.

Please post back.
Hey, I have no idea what he did but the monitor worked at the end but still thanks for reply x