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snakyal 1 Posts Tuesday January 14, 2014Registration date January 14, 2014 Last seen - Jan 14, 2014 at 07:41 AM - Latest reply:  antonymjardine
- Jan 24, 2014 at 05:42 PM
how can I change language.yesterday I received a notification to change face book in urdue.i applied the notification but now I want to change back facebook in english.
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carminabigue 621 Posts Tuesday March 19, 2013Registration date June 10, 2015 Last seen - Jan 14, 2014 at 11:32 AM
Thank you
Hi there,

use link below and follow instructions



Thank you, carminabigue 1

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antonymjardine - Jan 24, 2014 at 05:42 PM
Thank you
To think about changing the language manually on Facebook is so out of step with the modern world that it isn't funny.With all the bells and whistles on all those big companies using all kind of cookies and the like to under mind our privacy.Then, Why I ask that, if you get an email or any message in any language you have to search and spend lot's of time to convert your respond to that language? I propose that any programer worth the paper that their graduation inked and signed,can create an app that will automatically change languages as seen fit to context.