Want to create a table in composing mail in gmail

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Some times I need to create a table when I compose a mail . please give me suggestion

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Here's a Chrome extension that adds this feature to Gmail: https://mixmax.com/blog/support-for-tables-in-gmail
Thank you

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Does you email allow you to author code? You could use the HTML standards for tables if so.

<table width="100%" style="border:solid black 1px"> ' starts the table at 100% of the page width
<TR> 'makes a table row
<TD> 'this is the start of a "cell"
This is the first cell info
</TD> 'this closes the first cell
<TD> 'this is the start of the second "cell"
This is the second cell info
</TD> 'this closes the second cell
<TD> 'this is the start of the third "cell"
This is the first third info
</TD> 'this closes the third cell
</TR> 'this closes the first row
</TABLE> 'this closes the table

The above example would create a table with 1 row, and 3 columns. Just continue with the formatting, making certain to close each "element" in line.

Do not get caught up in the Style tag (within the table element). This is CSS, and is a different format then HTML. If you wish to start having different cell formatting and such, then you will also need to become familiar with the mechanics of Cascading Style Sheets.

Have fun!
where should I WRITE commands in inspection element

This would be a template, you write the code in the template.