Green line on my laptop screen [Solved/Closed]

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I saw green line on my screen laptop
it is new laptop , the problem appeared after I put one dvd to install a program
But the dvd changed the resulation of the screen , when I tried to set the resolution
that green line appeared

Can any one help me , what I can do is it hardware or software problem ???

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Thank you
Reset your laptop Display Setting may be it will solve your problem.

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i'm also get same my top screen have small green line...
when I want to shut down it also appear.....
i think my screen was broken...
what do you think...????
Thank you
I have about the same problem. I just turned on my laptop one day and the line appears, its been that way for a couple days. Right now while I'm writing this though, it's gone. My problem might have fixed itself... Don't ask me how I solved it.... I HAVE NO IDEA