Avast sheilds are automatically disabled why

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In my laptop I had anti malware malwarebytes.when I use that I found real time protection automatically disabled and When I activate it program doesn't responds and I couldn't find solution and I uninstalled it.Then I installed avast 2014 free and it run a quick scan and it found no threat. When I switched on PC next time I found its all 3 shield's are disabled. IS THERE ANY PROBLEM IN MY PC? IF SO, HELP ME THANKS IN ADVANCE...

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Jun 4, 2014 at 03:48 PM
Do you have another antivirus product on your laptop (McAfee, Norton, etc.)? You can only have one, and avast is a great choice.

Malwarebytes free edition doesn't include real-time protection, so if you downloaded the free version it wouldn't be enabled. You just have to manually run a scan periodically.

Avast is an antivirus solution, not the same thing as malwarebytes. You should have both; I always have the freeware versions of both and I never have any problems on my laptops or PCs.

The avast shields shouldn't be disabled though.
Here's what I'd do:

1. Go to www.cnet.com and search for Revo Uninstaller, its free also. Download, install, and run it.

2. Look at the list on revo uninstaller and see if there is anything from McAfee or Norton/Symantec. If so, uninstall. You don't need anything from them.

3. Check to see if avast is still not working right. If not, uninstall it with Revo.

4. Install Malwarebytes (from cnet.com) and run a scan. Do whatever it recommends if it finds any malware.

5. Reinstall avast home free edition (again, get it from cnet.com).
*Pay attention during installs. UNCHECK the box that says something like "install trial version of Pro"...that will mess you up later.

6. Restart and check that everything works.

*Also during installs - pay attention! Choose custom installation if you have the choice, so you can UNCHECk boxes that will install other crap you don't want.

*For the freeware, if you get messages to register, do so, just remember to choose the same free editions unless you want to pay to upgrade.

I hope it works out :)