Dell Inspiron One 2205 has amber power button won't start

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I have been asking for help on this Dell Inspiron One 2205 for about 2 weeks now and not even Dell can tell me what it is that's caused it to go into Hyper sleep and never wake up. I bought in 2011 and everything was just fine until a 2 weeks ago and then it started shutting itself off, and the power button would be amber. I replaced the wall charger and it worked fine for 24hrs, I had the heat sink replaced and again it worked for 24hrs, I also removed the memory and cleaned the slots out and put the memory back and again it worked for 24hrs. Then last week the computer shut itself off and it has never came back on. I'm going to replace the power switch,and wipe the hard drive clean and reinstall Windows 7.
I believe Dell should have a recall these computers there are a lot of owners out there that have had the same problem and have gotten no help. Dell say's for 179.00 there will repair the computer, but these computer's cost 549.00 and they have only been out there for 2 1/2 yrs that works out to be 18.30 a month for using it. I want to see how many other people have had the same problem and if they want to write Dell and see if we can get these computer put into the recall category, so please let me know if you have one of these computers and are having the same problem. Thank you

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Jun 13, 2014 at 04:58 PM

I have had a similar problem but it was not with a Dell. The electric company made changes and we regularly got power surges. Before you go through all kinds of works on your machine, I suggest you look at your incoming home electric supply. Even if you live in a large city, lets says like Chicago or New York, those kinds of things can happen.

Good luck
I have the same problem. I called Dell and they told me the Hard Drive has failed and tried to sell me a new one @ £145 !!! for me to install myself. I email the CEO ***@*** and he refered me to Cust Service who advised that there was no none design fault with the model and would no replace free of charge. I agree the more people who complain the better !!! All email Tim Griffin.......