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I guess I need to clarify. Ctrl+Alt+Del ONLY gives me a rectangle with the two green active graphs. NO Windows Task Manager Title--- No File/Options/View etc. No Tabs with processes etc. Any ideas?? Thanks

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Double-click in the grey border of the "ctrl-alt-del" window. It just has been minimized.
Thank you

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Yoan, easily the best answer, in a long time. Thank you.
Wow... And I got Gold on a Computer Repair and Maintenance Test and didn't know this... Thanks!
weee,, thank you that was helpful @_@
I'm such a ding dong, I'm smart I couldn't figure it out. Thanks
thanks for the help
This was happening to me, too. Thx for the blog. I was flabbergasted at the lack of tabs available when I hit CTRL+ALT+DEL. I thought it was corrupt! Trippy little fix. Not sure what the point is for ever hiding that stuff, but glad to have it working again.
thanks man :D good job <3
thx for the post
I could not get round this one, I feel like such a dumbass knowing that it was such a quick fix! Thank YOU!!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
I tried for an hour to fix this.
Outstanding and simple!!!
Amazing man! Thnx for the help!
I want ur e-mail address. I hav many problems.! :) X :( !
Thanks a lot.......
This was a simple problem, but it had become very diffcult for me. I had no clues, I thought my computer is attacked by VIRUS.