I deleted All of the partitions during installation of windows 7

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i have an old dell laptop,Inspiron 6400,
when i tried to install windows 7 on it, ( it had XP) , I DELETED ALL PARTITIONS BY MISTAKE, ALL OF THEM ! (i remember there was some primary and logical partitions as well as MediaDirect partition), so after that , my pc gets error about the hard drive "that it isn't safe and i should back up my data" , i also checked it with a program and the result says the hard is not healthy.
i installed windows 7 so many times, (i just format that unallocated partiton and installed windows on it, i mean it has just one partition)
Also my dvd driver doesn't work well, it's slow and doesn't read all of dvd.s,
I thought i should restore my laptop factory settings, so i tried to install those cd.s which came with laptop including Dell MediaDirect, but during installation it stops and says my hard isn't ready, i tried to insert some other factory dvd.s but it doesn't even read them!
I thought maybe i should install xp again, so that i can install these, but after installing xp, nothing has changed ! i still receive those errors,
I'm so worried, i ll appreciate any help,
Thanks for reading

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Aug 5, 2014 at 05:01 AM

it sounds like you have a faulty hard drive.

i would either, try running "chkdsk C: /r" from command prompt.

if it doesnt fix it, you need a replacement hard drive.
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Aug 9, 2014 at 04:38 AM
Thank you, i will try it,
and also i forgot to say some programs scans showed the problem is : Reallocated sector count.
And DST short test failed with this error:
Error code: 2000 0148
Is there anything i can do to fix this?
( after installing windows i got this hard drive problem and still i haven't installed any drivers)
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Aug 11, 2014 at 07:15 AM
Try running the check disk again.

if it continues to find errors, replace it ASAP and backup your data.