USB showing write protected error

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Friends my USB is showing write protected error could you please me, I have used that repair link also but after running that it is showing an error USB disk not found, Please help.

Kindly send me a reply.

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Think this write protection error is due to some virus.
Steps to remove write protection for Transcend users
1) Go to download center of the transcend,here is the link
Type the model no. or part of model number you are looking for.
example: JFV30(all alphabets in Caps )
2) Choose other details like product type etc. and search for your product
3)Then select the product which which is most similar to yours from search results
4)Then download the mFormat utility. You will asked for serial no. if you dont have..enter this no. 1456784523
5) Connect your pen drive
6) run the mformat utility and select full format after full format your write protection will be removed. try twice or thrice if you can't correct at first time.
Thats all...

It worked for me and my friends....

Other pen drive users may visit there vendors site and download any fromat utility present there for your model.
Thank you

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thank you very much sir , I did the same and all formating is completed.
it worked perfect for me my usb was from the same manufacturer so it was easier to follow your instructions, thanks!

Thank's it worked.
It worked for me Thanks!

yeah it's work.! tnx a lot men!
Try this
thank you thank you! It worked!
I had same problem and I have resolved it U also try it.
It might work for U also.
right click on my computer
select manage
in storage select disk management
here U would be able to see ur USBs storage status
if it shows unpartioned space
than right click on ur device and select create partition
hope it works else send me email
It worked for he thanks n tonn for the help
This thing really works. Just go as the steps & u will go thru.

Gr8 job man, Thank u Very Much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
friends go this website you can get make your pen drive make work which worked in my case
thank very muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !
I'd just like to thank you for the transcend link, it worked brilliantly!

Follow instructions from PRAKAS,
Scroll down and look for "Recovery Tool" in the "Software" section. The name of the utility is 'OnlineRecovery', and you need to be online to perform the format.

And thank you PRAKAS, it worked for my TS8GJFV10 (8GB)