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model 8510gz.Battery died and computer shut down.Tried AC power no go.Tried all the remedies I could find in go As cpu was shutting down mess was "reset power switch to AC".Can't find the reset as it must be in software.Laptop tries briefly to start but then shuts off.

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Oct 30, 2014 at 03:42 PM
So when it is plugged into the wall, is there any light indicating that it is on AC source? There should be either a yellow or Orange LED that shows when AC is present. If there is not one, then check on the power convertor itself. There is ussually an LED on it, to indicate that it is in wall, it is green. Do you have a green light on it?

It sounds like the battery is completly drained, and the power cord is OPEN and not providing AC source.

Just some thoughts.