My CD Rom Drive Does Not Show Up On My Computer?

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Tuesday November 4, 2014
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November 4, 2014
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So a couple days ago I wanted to play the Sims 3 which was already downloaded onto my laptop. So I put the disc in, and click the icon of it and hit the play button.
it said No disc found.
So then I tried putting music disc in. Nothing happened.
I didnt know what to do but today I was at school, and my dad said he turned my laptop on. He put in a music disc drive, and it worked!
But I come home and he tells me. I turn on my laptop (he turned it off after he saw it worked.) and look in the "Device and drives" And don't see any disc drive. My dad said he saw it when he turned on my laptop when I was at school
I dont know why!
Please help!!!!!!!!!
Note that i have a Windows 8 .1 laptop!

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Have you dropped the machine? Do you feel confident enough to make certain all of the cables are connected internally? That would be the next step.