Locked out of administrator forgot password - safemode prompt

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I forgot my administrator password. I tried to follow instruction I seen in the forum concerning this issue but none work for me. When I try to boot into safemode dos prompt.. it goes right to windows safemode.. never goes to dos prompt. Also while in windows safemode I still cannot gain access. It still requires password. I don't know what to do please help.. shouldn't all XP OS systems work the same way.. I don't even have much on the computer. its pretty basic.

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Sorry but that does not solve the problem for me. As I said, Even when I am in windows safe mode it still ask for a password. I cannot go to start an - run.. because I can not get into windows until I enter a password. Even if I clecik control alt delete to bring up the administrator .. the administrator is also looking for a password. it does not accept the default password. which is to just click enter and leave password blank. I notice I am using xp sp3... Also as noted I can't get into safe mode command prompt either. the option is there in the menu but when I select it.. the next windows requires me to select XP windows ..which then takes me to windows safe mode...ughhhh..