Forgot my XP Windows PC password [Solved/Closed]


I forgot my windows xp password & my user name is "abc " then what should I do. what is my master code.
System Configuration: Windows Vista Internet Explorer 7.0
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approved by Jean-François Pillou on Jan 25, 2019
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To fix lost password in Windows XP, first start PC and press <F8> to bring up Boot options menu. Choose to boot into "Safe Mode". You will not be asked for a password in Windows XP when you boot to Safe Mode. Then Click <Start> then <Run>. In the <Run> box type "nusrmgr.cpl" and hit <Enter>. The windows user account control should start. From there, just open your account and delete the password. Close out everything and Restart to normal. Your password is now gone.

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i have an old laptop that was given to me from a friend it's running off xp pro and I dont know the Backdoor log in administrator password please help me
> Tristan rene -
need xp pass word an have no acess at all
> Tristan rene -
MDJD:Your information have safe my laptop...thanks for your information....
> Tristan rene -
OMG... thank you SO much MDJD :) You're a lifesaver!
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Hi ,
Type user name Administrator and press enter then go to my computer and right click on my computer go to manage and click on local user and groups then double click on user and then right click on ur user name having abc and click on set password then set ur new password and relogin ur account .

> selma -
do you solve your problem I will help but give me the specs of your laptop to know the process to follow
thanks yaar my problem is solve for ur advice.
ullu ke paththe doosre ke system pe kyun le jaun haraamjhor...up ke ganwaar
Hi Bunty,this is Surit.if administrator also have a password which I d problem can be resolved?
i so far got to my c drive and went to windows but I dont have d or the last part, is there another name for it?
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Thanks very much... you're an angel...!!!