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- Mar 24, 2009 at 07:34 AM
 steve - Mar 24, 2009 at 09:48 AM
Hi dudes , ive noticed something on my desktop is that when i open too many programs on it my computer just freezes and it wont turn on for some minutes afterwards. Can you please help me!?

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Hi there :)

It is possible that the PC is overheating
a few things that you can check are

On the CPU fan/heatsink there could be a buildup of dust that is not letting the air flow through proprly clean that out all should be good
the heatsink paste has cured and is not transferring heat from the cpu to the heatsink as it should clean the old stuff off and replace with new

** If you are not sure on how to do these thinkgs it is better to take the unit into a service centre to avoid any damaged components, and ALWAYS remember that static is a killer to pc hardware make sure that while you have the case open and you are plaing around in there that you keep at least a part of your body on the metal of the case at all times like a elbow or wrist as long as the skin has contact all should be good, or better yet purchase a static wrist strap

hope this helps
hi the problem which yo computer could be heat atleast try to use a few programmes or open one side of the casing to enable it get some cool air