Dell Laptop to Sony KDL40 - Great picture But No Sound

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Hello, when I bought a VGA to DVI converter, I was advised to not to bother buying the VGA bundled with a sound cable, and instead to just buy an audio cable that plugs from the laptop head phone slot to the TV. I must not be doing something right, because the picture is absolutely perfect, but I get no sound. I can't believe that if I would have bought a bundled cable, it would make a difference, vs. buying a separate cable (which I did). I've tried all the audio jacks I see on the back of the TV, but no success as yet. Anyone offer any guidance here? I even tried an adapter which changes the audio on the TV side from one pin to two. I'm lost.

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VGA does not support sound as you found. You might be able to use a plug using the earphone jack of the laptop. But the TV must be set to accept the input. I suggest you examine the Sony options menu.

Good Luck
Thanks much. I'll check it out. Hopefully, there is a setting that will allow the TV to receive audio. I'm very happy with the picture quality with HDMI to VGA connection. When I tried HDMI from the laptop directly to the HDMI port on the Sony, it was awful. That was before I read in the Sony manual not to attach a PC in that manner. Anyway. Thank you.