Outlook 2007 gets hung.

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We have a small office with 5 users, all using Office & Outlook 2007 on Win7 PCs. At various times, we all seem to encounter the same problem with Outlook - No new emails are received and the mail send stays in the Outbox. Selecting F9 just stacks up the Tasks. The Send/Receive Progress window displays 0 of XX Tasks have bee completed.

Exiting Outlook and restarting doesn't solve the problem, as some component/process continues to run (outlook.exe). Accessing the Task Manager and stopping the process clears Outlook and upon restart, new mail begins arriving and composed mail is sent.

I can find no common action that causes this. Some PCs experience the problem while others work as normal. The problem is not consistent on any 1 PC.

I have reviewed Microsoft forums which want to place the blame on the Mail Server. Other forums point to account setting, but nothing in this area is outside the required or norm. And all the PC Outlook apps work correctly most of the time. I can't find anyone who can point me in a valid direction or verify that Outlook is just flaky.

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firstly can you specify what mail server you're using.
I have 3 accounts accessed thru Outlook. 2 are POP accounts using GoDaddy. 1 is an Outlook.com account, IMAP. This issue is happening on more than one PC. Different users may integrate the GoDaddy served account with personal emails. The common programs are GoDaddy server and Outlook 2007.
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Can you check the antivirus and make sure that .pst and .ost extensions are excluded. Also run outlook in safe mode by holding shift when you double click it. It could be an add on issue. Speak with godaddy and explain the situation to them too. Are you using the same or different pop emails on the computers?
1. We have had several conversations with GoDaddy support. They claim no issues on their end, but offer no suggestions as to Outlook fix.
2. This is NOT a constant issue. It happens on more than 1 PC, but without any identified pattern. It seems to happen typically when the PC does a cold boot. Each computer is configured differently by individual users. My Outlook has 3 email accounts combined for me to access, 2 POP and 1 MAPI.
3. We have also discussed the issue with Norton, our AV provider. They have no suggestions.
4. Our local IT consultant wants us to move everyone to Office 365 and "solve all our problems!"
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Office 365 is very good, I use it.

Did you make exclusions for .OST and .PST?

I can almost 100% gaurantee the problem is with Symantec Norton.

Remove it from a PC and use Microsoft security essentials for a day or two. Or if you can disable the email component of Norton that should do the trick.
Thanks, I will make some adjustments to Norton. I have found other forums that suggest much the same solution. Norton is not my choice, but company decision!