MSI laptop screen is black [Solved/Closed]

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Friday July 10, 2015
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I tried removing the battery and pressing the ON button for 60 seconds. Didn't work.
When I boot, the screen is black. However, I can press Control Alt Delete and bring up New Task that way. The only thing I've been able to bring up (or think of) is notepad, which opens.
The laptop is an MSI GT 780 DXR running Windows 7
When I boot into safe mode, the same thing happens. I am backed up except for the photo shoot I just did, of course. ) :

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OK< start a new task and call it "EXPLORER". Let me know if it loads your desktop!
Thank you

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Thank you for suggesting that; I tried it and it didn't work. I finally gave up and took it into the computer shop. New hard drive coming...
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That task should have been called "explorer.exe".
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Nope. just explorer will work. or notepad, or calc, or cmd!