Sata HDD problem ,sometimes it works sometimes it wont.

 hash -
I build up my own pc recently but after a month the HDD is not detected during startup ,i hear a beep like sound from harddisk too after which the bios says no bootable media found.But after few restarts it detects the hdd and there is no beep sound.
My config is
i7 4790k on gigabyte H97M , seagate 1TB ,4GB ram and +450watt PSU.

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is this new hard disk?
Try to back up the data in the hard disk as soon as possible.
there may be possible of hard disk failure in which sounds from hard disk is not a good sign and hard disk is not detecting sometimes is not fine...
If it is new try to RMA it
yup ,its brand new hdd ,still under warranty.That sound is cos the hdd turns off.
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Hi Hash,

Are you sure the beeping sound comes from the hard drive? If it really is, your drive may be facing a mechanical issue. Since it is a new build, I presume your drive is still under warranty? Do you have valuable data on it. If you do, try connecting it in another PC as a secondary drive. Try changing the SATA ports and cables too. If your drive is working fine on another PC, the problem may be coming from your motherboard or PSU. If the drive is still not working, contact the reseller and get a drive replacement.

Hope this helps
tried different sata ports and cable.
Need to test on another PC ,might be due to psu or motherboard but i will try rub my pc with anothe hdd.ty for tips.