Can't unhide hidden files on WD My passport [Closed]

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So normally when you hide files you right click the file above it, select properties, and end up with the attributes read only or hidden which you then uncheck the hidden box of that file to and apply it to the subfolders to unhide the hidden folder. In this case I hid a file that appears when you first open your external hard drive, and if I right click my hard drive on the pc it doesn't give me those "read only" or "hidden" check boxes. How do I unhide the folder?

Explaining it another way. When the external hard drive is first plugged in, that window that pops up shows it top folders (as opposed to the sub folders inside). I hid one of these folders. How can I unhide it?

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Hello The_RTStryker,

Can you, please try the following steps:
  • Open a new text document on the WD My Passport
  • Enter the following code in the text document:

attrib -s -h -r /s /d
  • Click File - Save as
  • Save it as "unhide.bat"
  • Close and delete the new text document
  • Make double click on the "unhide" batch file

Good luck.


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this really works, amazing. thank you!