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Thursday October 29, 2015
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October 31, 2015
 wabam -
why is my laptop so slow with 2gb memory? HP with Duo Core, 160gig hard drive?

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OK, what OS do you have?

When was the last time you applied updates? Do you have an antivirus running, and is it up to date?

Is it slow all of the time, or only when you are doing certain things? When was the last time you de-fragged the hard-drive?

Let us know, we should be able to get you going again!
My OS is Windows 7. My system is up to date. The last time I Updated was October 23rd 2015. My antivirus is current and up to date too. My Laptop is always slow down, even from the startup window or booting. I defrag on same day i updated.

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