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 Liz -
I did a factory restore on my hp desktop pc after installing windows 10 and then I clicked yes to install updates. Next thing I know the pc was restarting, but kept on re starting and then the monitor stopped working. I can still hear pc restarting, but can't see anything because the display does not work.

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This happens as windows 10 tries to install updates automatically even in sleep mode and restarts itself. Here is a solution to this weird problem.

Step 1 – Search Task Scheduler in the windows 10 taskbar.

Step 2 – Browse to the following location path from the left menu.

Task Scheduler Library –> Microsoft –> Windows –> UpdateOrchestrator

Now, Double click on Reboot as shown in the pic below. Click on conditions tab and then uncheck the option which says wake the computer to run this task.
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Thank you John3361! I can't see anything because my monitor does not display anything. I wasn't getting beep codes, so I started f-ollowing a you tube video and I got taking the RAM sticks out. I got 3 short beeps I know that it is obviously because of the RAM being removed so what does that have to do with the monitor not working... I'm confused. I already tried the battery removal and clearing the info. Please help. Thank you in advance!
If there is anyone that has an option for getting my monitor to work, I would then be able to follow all of this excellent advice. Please help. PS I have tried new cables a different monitor HDMI to my TV all of that. I was going to try to gain remote access, but since I can't see the display, I don't know where to go/start. Also, I have already tried holding the windows button and tapping "p" no luck.
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It you reverted to Windows 7 then you can start the computer using the Windows 7 DVD or a Windows 7 Repair CD. You then select the Repair option and hope that it can do it's job.

The next option is to reinstall Windows 7 from scratch using a Windows 7 Retail or OEM DVD.

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Thank you for responding so quickly. The problem is that my monitor will not work. It doesn't matter what I connect it to, nothing will display. Is there something that I can type upon start up or will the disc automatically run?