How to disable the add-ons on internet explor

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I am having a tough time as my internet explorer is disabled. i wanna make it enable .plz advise me.

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The information seemed rather useful,but i am still having problems when I go to manage add-ons.I seem to apply the what has been said.When I restart the it still comes back to the same problem,or theres something I am not doing right.
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try these:
1. From the Internet Explorer menu, click Tools > Internet Options.
2. Click the Programs tab.
3. Click Manage add-ons.
4. Click the Add-on you wish to disable, then click the Disable radio button. Note that this option will only be available when an Add-on is selected.
5. IE7 users also have the ability to detele the ActiveX control. Follow the steps outlined above to select the ActiveX control, then click the Delete button found under Delete ActiveX. Note that this option will only be available when an ActiveX control is selected.
6. Not all Add-ons in the list are active. To see which Add-ons are actively loaded with Internet Explorer, toggle the Show dropdown to view Add-ons currently loaded in Internet Explorer.
7. Click OK to exit the Manage Add-ons menu
8. Click OK to exit the Internet Options menu
9. If a necessary add-on has been mistakenly disabled, repeat steps 1-3 above, highlight the disabled add-on, then click the Enable radio button.
10. Close Internet Explorer and restart it for changes to take effect.
no just type in iexplore.exe -extoff

in run command
Thanks a lot,,, for provides steps