Dell Inspiron shows NO way of Ejecting, No Hole [Solved/Closed]

 hark -

I've checked "My Computer" And there is no "CD Drive"
to command to eject. No eject button, and no "CD ROM" found.
No paperclip hole.

Never have opened its CD space.

But, there IS a CD drive I can see and feel. The physical disk space IS THERE.
Should I try some command prompt by copy paste?

Exploring Disk Manager and search by "CD" showed nothing to work on.
It's as if the CD drive is a ghost.

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Hi Hark,

You dont mention what model of Inspiron it is.

Some Dell Inspirons (eg 3531) doesn't have a disk drive at all! The "tray" you see is just a filler, you can purchase an add-on optical drive to install there by removing one screw, sliding that plastic piece out and sliding in the drive. Also, another option is to purchase a USB optical drive.
Thank you.
I bought a $20 external USB disk drive add on.

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