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Seems that my computer is not detecting my Ipod.

I already setup the driver and everything but seems that it is not recognizing the Device.

What can be causing that ?

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If one has an issue with iPod/iPhone detection on Windows 7... It is because Windows 7 uses a MTP driver instead of the USBAAPL. You need to update the driver from pointing to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\Drivers.
It worked for me.
Thank you

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It dosnt say "update driver" anywhere... or at least not where I'm looking, someone please help!

I'm on properties after all the (C: .... ) and there are 4 different files under apple mobile devices..which one is it???
OMG this still is not working for me! What is going on here???!!!
Thankyou KidRicky.. It worked exactly as you said and I have three ipods ( me and kids) that work again!! Yay!!
Very.. very.. very useful.. thanks!!
Thanks So much
When I connected my Ipod to computer it used to do simply nothing. It was not loading, not recognized by Itunes...
What I did was going to System -> Device Manager
There I had the Aplle Ipod USB Driver, but it was not properly installed or something like that, it had a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark.
I plugged out my Ipod, deleted the driver and plugged in the Ipod again.
So the computer automatically installed the needed driver (again, as it did, when I used my Ipod the first time) and everything works...
I guess this works also, if you have an Ipod, that needs a CD to install the driver from.
amazing help, thanks!!!!!!!!!! I would have never figured out how to fix it without your answer!!!
u are a miracle worker!! THANKS SO MUCH!!!! :)))))))))))))
best answer!!!!! by far
Now my ipod appears like the first time!!!
Thanks man and Gobd bless you!

YOURE A LEGEND. THANKS A MILLION.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hi the same thing happened to me. I am a worker at apple. I am a specialist. I know a very lot about computers and some of my companies devices. To make it work a good idea is to take the iPod and then put in a deep fryer. Put half a cup of melted butter onto the iPod then add a half teaspoon of salt. Let it cool for 4-5 min. Then take your iPod charger and connect the USB into the 2.0 or 1.0 USB port and the other part of the iPod charger connect into the fried iPod. Open up your iTunes and it will detect your device as............. DINNER!!!! Now I hope this helped. I take pride in my work and I love helping people with apple's products ;D have a good day and a good dinner ;D
Hey Guys, Thought I should inform you of a fix.

Right if you are having trouble with itunes not picking up the iphone on windows 7 also the ipod. Plug the iphone in to the PC, navigate to "device manager" on your PC (search for it in the menu if you have to). locate "Portable Devices" in the list and below you should se something like "Apple iPhone". Right click and go down to "uninstall" once completed. Remove the iPhone then open iTunes and plug the iPhone back into the PC, the drivers will re-install hopefully allowing you to re-sync your ipod/iphone. Make sure all anti virus and firewalls are disables as they tend to tamper with driver installations.

Not always will you see the Portable Device List. Then you might need to go to Universal Serial Bus Controllers list. Check for items in the list that has the yellow exclamation mark on it meaning the device is not installed properly. Uninstall that and then click on Scan for hardware changes in the Action Menu. Win7 automatically starts installing the proper driver and you should be good to go.

All the above steps should be done while your ipod is still plugged in.
Thank you so much!
I was getting so frustrated with my iPod and nothing working to connect it, but your method words perfectly!
Thanks again!
you're the boss
This worked for me! iPod Touch iOS 4 on Windows 7
This worked for me in the 64 bit version of Win 7. Thanks very much.
Hi, All,

It works now, It suddenly stopped detecting due to unknown reasons, but try these steps.

Restart the device without connecting to your pc and

Connect to pc and restart again, I did this 2 times and it was recognized and its working fine.

Best of luck.
same here. its been like it for about 3 months now
i have the iphone and idk wat to do!!
can you help me! please!
this ipod I am trying to put songs on..
i plugged it in and the computer wont detect it.
iv tried the resetting thing into sick mode it says ok to desconnect but then I wait for it to say "do not disconnect" and it never comes up??
please help
yo zoom, dude u are the man! fkn works now!!! THANKYOU! been trying to get it to work for weeks now.
yeah, how do you force win7 to use the manual apple driver? when I point to that folder, it just tells me in windows' "i-know-better-than-you-do,-you-stupid-human" voice that it thinks the driver *that doesn't work* is still the right one. I mean, if you're manually choosing a folder, windows shouldn't be able to override you like that. sometimes we just know better than you do, oh almighty windows.
if you are on Windows, try these steps:
1. Connect iPod to computer.
2. Go to Device Manager > Universal Serial Bus controllers.
3. Look for a device driver named "Apple ...". The driver that the iPod was connected to simply showed up as "USB Mass Storage Device".
4. Select the appropriate driver and click uninstall.
5. Once it's uninstalled, disconnect the iPod and RESTART the machine.
6. Once Windows has started, plug the iPod back in and Windows should recognize it as new hardware and should reinstall the appropriate drivers. Once its successfully done, open itunes and your iPod should show up.
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Have you tried re-installint the driver?

Or change the cable perhaps it is damage.
i have an ipod touch it ses I need to download apple mobile device support. But how do I do it???????????
> oli
Similar to restart in windows Apple has it's own DFU mode. try this: tinyurl.com/iphone-ipod-fix
how do u download the driver? im having a problem where I need the driver
you can downlaod the driver from anywhere. just search in google for a file called usbaapl.sys. download that system file and then copy it into C:\Windows\system32\drivers\
Thanks a lot dudes... the updating of the driver worked like a charm. I spent a whole day trying to fix this and now in one second.... All IZ Well!
my ipod will not be reconized by itunes or windows xp and there are no drivers installed for it can someone please help me
download the file itunesmobiledevice.dll place it into the following C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\Drivers it worked for my 3gs I just had to restart it
hey thanks blubberer i've been searching for hours for help on this.

My ipod would connect to the laptop, It was the USB driver, working fine now.

omg thanks it worked!! :D
I was having the same problem as most everyone on this thread: After upgrading to Windows 7, iTunes would no longer detect my iPod Touch or my iPhone. Both devices would show up correctly as devices in Windows if iTunes was not installed. Numerous installs/uninstalls of iTunes did nothing to fix the problem. In desparation, I uninstalled every Apple program (MobileMe, iTunes, QuickTime, Apple Mobile Helper, etc.) from the computer. I then restarted the computer and installed iTunes once again. (I was hoping that somehow one or more of the other programs was the problem - most likely the helper app). Voila! Success! Both my iPod Touch and iPhone are now properly recognized by iTunes and synching as if nothing was ever wrong. Hope this works for some other people as well.
Thank you so much!!
I tried every other advice possible! I updated all my drivers and reinstalled iTunes 100 times.
You're advice has helped so so so so so much!
I m trying what Ragnarx suggested.. Lets c if it works.. Problem is I had installed itunes32 on my Win7-64 and it wont work.. I uninstalled only the itunes and installed the itunes-x64 but an older version, but it wont detect my itouch... So I am working on what he said...
Hey man, it worked like wonder... thanks dude...
I have an ipod touch
i jailbroke it and am selling it on ebay
but I wanted to rid of the jailbrake.
so I cleared everything off the ipod through the ipods settings!
Then I tired turning it back on and it was stuck with the old jailbroken home screen
i tried reseting it several times and plugging it into the comuter several times
it was not being detected by the comuter!
but then I unplugged it.
did a reset by holding the top button and little circle button at bottom!
i did that twice.
then I plugged it in and did it twice
the second time on re boot
DADINGG the magical noise of connection to the ITunes
then I did a restore
SAVED ME ABOUT 200 bucks : )
hey! just restart your computer and it should work!! also unplug everything from your USB ports and plug them back in after your computer and itunes has completely restarted!

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if it does not turn on or you cant go to home page it just stayes at apple logo try to hold both power and home button until the apple logo pops up then just hold home button those are the steps to restoring ipodtouch or iphone
Well after uninstalling itunes and reinstalling it about 10 times , I reset the ipodabunch of times and still nothing. FINALLY , UNPLUGGED THE IPOD FROM COMPUTER , RESET IT 4 TIMES AND PLUGGED IT IN AGAIN , WORKING GOOD FOR NOW
After you install itunes from apple.com switch off your ipod while you are connected to pc and start again, make sure u r connected to the pc and it will detect as new hard ware found and it should accept it accordingly, keep you itunes also open when u restart.