"Personal Antivirus" software problem!!!

ethan5 - Apr 22, 2009 at 06:53 PM
 mare - Jun 28, 2010 at 08:31 PM
I don't know how I got it but a program called 'Personal Antivirus' has appeared on my PC and I can't get rid of it. It doesn't show in the Add/Remove program list so I can't uninstall it. It keeps popping up telling me I'm riddled with viruses/worms, the lot! How can I deal with it because it is driving me crazy?!
I have AVG 'free' and Avira, I use Google Chrome so that should cover me shouldn't it? I've never had a problem with viruses till now when I downloaded some drivers from 'DriverMax' (As detected by AVG).
Thanks for your time.

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Please follow these instructions;

1.Open My computer, choose Disk C;

2.Find C:\Program Files\Common Files\Uninstall\PAV\Uninstall.lnk

3.Run the Uninstall file.

4.Reboot your computer.

5. After updating it, perform a FULL system scan with Malwarebyte:


Please, do let me know about your success. Thank you!
thanks for the links below it deleted the stupid "personal antivirus" icon and such it was a yellow shield and said some stuff about trojan and i have mcafee and it did not detect any viruses also i tried to type some of the files it infected and they didnt exist so thanks
Dowload Malwarebytes anti-malware, It will Remove everything to do with PAV for free and it takes no more then 10-15 minutes. I ahd the Virus too and this helped me :]
thanks, super antispyre worked for me

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omg!!!!!! im riLi thankfuL for dis site.. it riLi helps.. it removes personal anti virus in just a second gademmed!! god bless guys & keep up the goodwork!!!! ^_________________^
THANKS NAOMI! your advice helped me a lot! =D
Thank for all the great advice, I'm saving all the emails in case it comes back. I have teenagers on my computer, so you never know what they will click. I did a system restore and it has seemed to fix the problem. Thanks again, this website is great.
Thank you for asking this question! i searched it and found this and i was so relieved, i really thought i had like 600 viruses haha
those instructions worked for me (:
i was really scared i'd have to tell my dad cause i had a problem with viruses before and i had to get a new computer! :)x
The best thing I have found is in this article regarding PAV. While the directions on this page work, the site tells you that it can reappear because there is a possiblity that the PAV is installed several times and named different things throughout your system.

Thanks so much - helped me to get rid.................
Thank you! Thank you! I spent three hours last night trying to get rid of this software. What a scam!!! Your advice worked beautifully.
Thank you Jessica. Your solution worked perfectly. Simple & quick!
nvm but the malwarebyte thing really works its the best thing
ik what u mean. its completely fake and im dealing with it right now. i swear to god, if i could just get hold of whoever made up this bull shit i would kick their ass and sue them. dayummm.... they would get the WORST OF ME.
i had the same problem,but i followed your advice and it is gone
thank you so much
Thank you for you post! The instructions for removing the PersonalAv was right on point. Just take your time and it will come off.
Thank you so much! This program recently found its way onto my computer also, and it has been giving me hundreds of trojans and viruses. It crashed my computer, and I could barely get it to start back up. I've tried everything. Thank you so much!
Thanks for the great help
I would love to say a BIG THANKYOU for your help on getting rid of this horrible personal anti virus. i followed ur advice on going onto (c) and uninstalling . thankyou once again ;-)
First time runnning into this problem, tried the 2min procedure and worked.
Thanks alot
hi, i just wanted to say thanks to this site for the great help.
keep it up guys