My headset/headphones wont connect to my pc. [Closed]

 Erik -

So basically any kind of earbuds, headphones, headset, anything wont work.
I had this some weeks ago but somehow it got fixed, but it happened again.
I have tried multiple times to restart the pc, and I tried to update my driver.
I cant hear anything on the pc now it really bugs me out, and when I go into sounds, it says that my headset isnt plugged in, when it is.
I would loooove to get this fixed, and I have been trying for so long.

Thanks! ;)

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Well if you told us more about what hardware you have we might be able to help. We also need to know what version of Windows you are using.
Oh but I posted this in the Windows 10 section though... Anyways I have a windows 10
I got a hp computer? I dont know what you wanna know from there? (Sorry for bad english im norwegian)

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