How can I connect my laptop with broken screen to tv? [Closed]

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I have a serious problem. I have a laptop (HP Probook 6560b) with a broken screen, I am only able to see the right corner with some flikkering. I tried to hook it op to my tv via VGA. It didn't work, in the right corner a message popped up and said that I couldn't project on the tv because of wrong graphics card driver. And ofcourse I can't install the correct one because I can't see anything on the screen. What can I do to fix this??


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You may need to change the video mode of the laptop, to a mode that the TV can pick up. I understand your screen is broken, but a physical problem is hard to overcome! If you can get to the control panel, and set the screen mode to a different setting and try it again. Keep trying different modes until it displays.

BTW, what OS?
Hi, thanks for responding!

I'm on windows 10. Unfortunatly I am not able to change video mode.
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You can try to connect it, and hit WINDOWS KEY+P, then press down arrow key one time, then hit enter, and see what happens! It should duplicate the screens.
It won't let me. I can barely make out on the right corner a message that basicly says that i need to install the correct graphics card driver or you might want to use a different graphics card. Thanks for the respons!
I found a solution! I disconnected the display from the motherboard and i connected a screen via vga. When I restarted the laptop the screen automaticly switched to he external screen. Still thanks for all the replies!

Well, try a different external monitor or tv. Maybe that one will allow a connection. Then you cold try to change modes.

Good job on that. that would make sense, the hardware will try to find its best match!

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