Bluetooth not working

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the bluetooth feature on my acer aspire 1810tz is not working. How can I get it to work and detect my smartphone or surface arc mouse?

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Does any blue tooth device work? Is it just this one?
Thank you

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It doesn't seem to recognize any Bluetooth device placed near the laptop
There appears to be a driver; I tried to download the driver again from acer's website but it doesn't seem to work. Bluetooth is enabled by a button or Fn+F3. However when I enable it, a "no device" message pops up
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Can you find it in device manager?
Thank you folks, I appreciate all the brainstorming and help!!
Interesting, I cannot find any Bluetooth device or heading in devices, but see Bluetooth in the "services" part of task manager. Apologies in advance it my response is a bit off-topic.
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there 's no driver or you have disabled bluetooth ( in Control Panel)

I haven't disabled Bluetooth and have not had much success in reloading the downloaded Bluetooth driver. The Bluetooth is enable using either a toggle switch or Fn+F3; tried that several time :( without much luck.
Hopefully will have better luck with y'all helping :)
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Well, if device manager is there, but there is no device, then the hardware has failed to initialize on boot! NOt much we can do but verify connections, but I wouldn't open up the case if you have never before!