The computer is shut-down for no reason

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When I'm using the computer and I'm trynig to run 4 or 5 program at once or sometims even if I don't touch him at all his shut down like in a power failure givin no notfication or error message before.

I looked in the hardware and it's look just find. I check for virus and it came out clean.

Thenk You!!!

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Hi. You could have one of these three problems:
1. Bad power supply - unplug every power cord except motherboard cpu and hard drive and see if that helps, if so then yours is bad.
2. CPU overheating problem
3. Bad RAM - download and run memtest86
Your problem sounds to me like a cooling issue. Look at your heatsink and all of your fans and make sure there is no dust on them.
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unplug the power source.. then detached the video card and memory card... reset the cmos jumper

start the computer..

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