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hey, my computer automatically turns off whenever I play any game for about few minutes!!!! I don't know why it keeps turning off. If i'm using the internet or any lighter softwares it stays on even for a day. I ain't sure with my fan but it seems ok. Can you guys please tell me the possible problems????
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Hi all,

So many people with such a problem.

-When playing games, your computer cpu is used much more..
-Graphics cards are used much more..
-They create more heat..
-Some laptops and indeed computers can overheat..
-There is a failsafe.
-If a computer getsd over the pre-configured temperature, the computer restarts or shuts down.

-This is to avoid your cpu being damaged.

You can check if this is happening to you by downloading "coreTemp":

32Bit Windows
64Bit Windows

If the temperature is 90 degrees during your gameplay or infact if it is around 75 degrees whilst just using your computer... This is probably the issue you are coming across.

Laptop Solution:

Buy a cooler for laptop:

Desktop Computer Solution:

Replace your Heat Sink and add more fans to your computer.. Probably best to take to a computer repair.. If you have no idea how to or look up on google how to. It is relatively simple, however sometimes you need to remove the whole motherboard to place the grip on heatsinks.

Thank you, jimmyt1988 282

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ive been having the same problem but it isnt a temp issue, I took it to best buy and they ran a diagnostic. they said that the cpu was being used up to 99% then it would shut down, I dont have this problem when im not hooked to the internet, but ive also found that I dont have the issue when im logged out of facebook. could facebook cookies be draining my cpu?
SooAmISupposeToWriteMyNameHereOrSomewhereElse,PleaseHelpMe - Nov 30, 2012 at 12:15 PM
If ur having problem with ur PC turning off automaticly try to update ur graphics drivers or clean out the dust in the fan
Thank you
I've had this problem.

Get a new power cable. You'll be fine. Your power cable is dis-functional and/or damaged and needs to be replaced.

Have fun!
dude could you pls tell what is a power cable?
are u talking about the wire used to connect cpu to power supply or any cord inside cpu or is it smps??
Thank you very much tried everything but this worked :)
Thank you
I have had the same problem before with computers turning off by themselves. The problem mights be that the heatsink has collected alot of dust already and it does not allow the air from the fan to pass freely unto the CPU. Many computers have a default setting in the BIOS that shuts off the computer automatically if the CPU reaches a certain temperature. The computer turns off to prevent the CPU from getting damaged. Try cleaning and removing any dust from the components, motherboard, heatsink, fans etc. It should help solve the problem.
I had the exact thing happen to mine, I was running COD MW2 on it and it would shutdown. Then at reboot, it would run up to Bios and shutdown. Opened it and found out my power supply had burned one of the connectors on my motherboard. Now I need a new motherboard and power supply. :-(
My computer does d same thing 2 me :( its sooo annoyin! Where do I go to figure it out!
Ive been having the same problem, my problem was that the GPU kept overheating which then meant the power supply would automatically switch off. I took the GPU out and everything worked fine, I examined the GPU and it seems one of the componments had completely burnt itself out. This might help. (GPU is a graphics/video card)
i too had the same problem with my pc.....

its usually because of faulty power supply..
David, thanks Bro for the info I did followed your instructions (Try cleaning and removing any dust from the components, motherboard, heatsink, fans etc. It should help solve the problem) and indeed, its been 4 days now I haven't encountered same failure.
Thumbs up Bro.........
jimi.hendrix - Sep 24, 2009 at 11:35 AM
Thank you
Problems I've had and are now away of my pc:

-- my pc didn't turn on, just BIOS loading screen and it shutted down; it was motherboard problem, replaced it and problem fixed (try replacing every part of your PC just to be sure what part is causing the problem)

-- it was extremly SLOW; I dont know why but replaced stock cpu heatsink for a coolermaster N520, lowered temps and kept it around 40 °C (playing a game like DiRT or kinda...) , btw I added RAM fans( and temps kept even lower....

and remember, FOR ME, it seems to be hardware problem , so ask a friend or someone to borrow a PC (not expensive one know accidents can happen) and replace one part of your pc, then restart, if the problem isnt fixed, try replacing another and restart and so on....

Thank you
Ive got 2 gigz ram, 2 gigz cpu, and 150gig hd, and my computer did that for a long time, all I had to do was open the case, and take first a can of compressed air to losen the dust up some, and then took a vacuum with a plastic hose on the end, set them both or tile/concrete, so you dont get the static from the carpet, and then vacuum all the dust out that the compressed air blows lose, its best to remove the fan from the CPU, just remember when the power cord plugs into the motherboard. Also remove the RAM, and remove all dust built up around that. But please be sure to RE-SEAT the RAM exactly as it is, and if it dont fit, TURN IT. They only go one way, and you will break the slots in which hold the RAM in... or even worse the RAM.
Thank you
i ran across the same problem. it took me weeks to figure it out. it was due to a poor design the cool air intake was 2 inches away from another part of the computer allowing it to over heat it too me for ever to figure that out the air intake was clogged up to the point where it unfunctional so I cleaned it out the air intake and it stopped also I have a mother board in a different computer that came with default settings that caused it too turn off after so long to prevent over heating but I put like 4 fans on that computer and I figured it would never over heat some asus motherboards have thi built in system also check and see if the prossecors fan is functional cause without it being functional the other fans are useless.
I am having the same problem with my computer I just put together a computer from old but new pack parts and I have no dust I put a big house fan blowing on my computer and it still does this truns off when I play 3D games I want to know is this a Windows XP update problem do I need a hotfix for this problem??? Please Help me I dont think this is a Heat problem. Some one on this form said mite be my RAM? what do you guys think all parts and case are new.

Computer Info
Motherboard = Asus P4C800 Deluxe (Updated BIOs 2.4 same Problem with old BIOs)(BIOs is newness Ver.)
CPU = Intel Celeron 2.4 400FSB
Memory = 2-1GB PC-3200 (running 266MHz Dual)
Video Card = ATI Radeon X1650 Q By HIS (Downloaded new Drivers still not working)
1.44MB FDD
Sound Card = Sound Blaster Live Val. 4.1
OS = Windows XP Pro SP3
FDOALP > AIDsLTK - Feb 3, 2009 at 08:08 PM
intel celeron?? tried to play crysis? lol
dude and the ram is quite slow for 3d games...(depends wut game u tried to play)
hmm as u said when u play a 3d game it shuts down, id say its a damaged vga...or mobo overheat??
Ryusuke > FDOALP - Apr 8, 2009 at 06:15 PM
My cpu shuts itself after sometime opening it.I need some help plssss
Abdag > Ryusuke - May 31, 2009 at 02:03 PM
You can try this .it might be due to overheating of your cpu.notice if all the fans inside are clean if clean them.If it dosent help check the thermal material between processor and heatsink if damaged get it replaced immidiately.
AKAToes > Abdag - Jan 26, 2010 at 08:51 AM
---You don't ever "check" the thermal compound between the heatsink and CPU. Either you replace the compound with fresh or you trust that the builder of the system installed it correctly.

---It'd be nice if you noted that once you remove the heatsink from the CPU, the thermal compound will need to be replaced with new/fresh. No ifs ands or buts, and it needs to be replaced correctly.

---Chances are, if CPU related, it's just dust in the CPU heatsink cooling fins, which is cleaned by removing only the heatsink fan.

--Also, another reason why playing with the PCU heatsink is a bad idea if you don't know what you're doing, Celeron and Athelon CPU chips had a habit of chipping if you didn't install the heatsink perfectly straight & square. The CPU will be garbage if you hear a crack resembling the snapping of a very sharp, carbon, pencil lead.
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Thank you
Computers will only shutdown when overheat or hardware prob.... mybe its ur ram
Thank you

guys u have to do nothing just clean ur fan(of processor) and the socket below the fan of the processor completely.IT is because of the dust present in the fan and in that socket present below the fan causing the heating of processor.
Thank you

Good day to you!

About your problem, the first thing you should do is clean up your PC, general cleaning... and be sure you clean also the heat sink of your processor cause sometimes if you processor temp. will to go the maximum limit it will cause your CPU system to shot down..

then clean up also your, memory card.. erase the pin of it just use rubber eraser to clean it..

if your done cleaning, try to replace your power supply a higher wattage's value cause sometimes if the power of it cant give a exact voltage it can cause also to shot down your PC..

and if your done of the things I've said... reassembled it and then run it again...

but if you still encounter that problem, try to use another hard disk drive.. install a new software or OS..

Have a nice a day!
AVAdirect > domby - Dec 23, 2008 at 11:05 PM
It looks like you cpu is overheating, if it turn off when you play games. You don't need to replace you video card. Just put better termal compaund between cpu and heatsink and check cpu temp with everest software. You can stress you cpu with everest and see the result.

Good luck
hey I have the same proplem it just gets blue screen then pc reboot pc specs
intel core2 quad
Ram 4 gb
GPU(graphics card) nvidia 9series 9400gt
and my power supply is 350 watts
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LOL... MY computer has a problem on the power supply or etc. I try changing my power chords. I even tried to reconnect everything that was plugged into my computer. Even when I try to reformat by reinstalling windows xp, it will just shut off. Any idea? Oh yea and I was upgrading my computer by installing more ram. Please help me with this shetty PRoblem!!!! LOL and im 15 and know more shets than you guys! Never learned about computers but fix them automatically itsept for this one shetty problem...
Thank you
my turn off automatically
Thank you
Well basically if you get a thing saying computer will shut off in 30 seconds then its most likely a virus or the fact that your mother board or hard drive is crashed. Most of which this happens your either having a power problem or just you need to reload your computer with whatever software your using. for instance if you have windows xp and it does this then its either your hard drive your mother board or a system error which is very easy to fix if you just reload it with the windows xp disk. I hope this solved some of your problems
Thank you
Whenever ur pc turns off during high usage it's the Power Supply unit. Either it's damaged or just can't handle the pressure. Sure that will fix it.

Thank you
hallo there I have a toshiba laptop a200-22L bought from spain 9 months ago its 2,4ghz.3 giga ram core2duo t8300 vista premium.the problem is that every time I perform disc cleanup after a few days the monitor turns off and I have to shut it down from the on-off key because the monitor doesnot respont.a few weeks ago I made format and everything was ok!after the new disc clesnup 3 days layter the problem come up again!why is this happening?i do not face any other problem,only this!im looking forward for your respont.thank you for listening me!
Thank you
Hi there, I had the exact same problem with my laptop before, and I realized that its getting too hot when I play video games or use heavy software.
you need to get a metal base that you can put your laptop on, it lets you adjust the angle so that the base of the laptop isn't near any surface, this way your laptop fan can ventilate well and it won't get too hot.
the reason it shuts off because there is a sensor inside the laptop that shuts it off automatically if it gets too hot.
because if it doesn't shut off it will get damaged.
Thank you
how do I solve the fan in my computer from going of every 5 min
Thank you
My computer turns off by itself ? please help me thank for reading
windows 7
Thank you
how big is your computer case and what other hardware is in it?
I have almost the same problem, but my computer turns off automatically after 15 minutes when I am not useing it.I checked the Adjust Power Properties, eveything is OK. Mybe the problem is in that I insalled resently some new programms in my computer :Premium Booster and Ashampo Magical Defrag. Premium booster does :"Back up Your PC" , " Scan for Problems", "Fix found problems" and "Defrag Your registry". Magigal Defrags task is defraging HDD in every free time when computer don't have to do enything else. Both programs are illegally registred.I think that problem is in registry but I cant find the right place for it. Mc Computer is Amilo A Series 1630. Full original.
Thank you
i was using Blender 3D prog & never had problems until last week-i was rendering an image & the comp shut down & 8 days later it still doesnt turn back on. I changed graphics card-still doesnt turn on.The electric is ok as lights inside are on & USB's still work to charge up camera etc.Its a big comp-4 gig ram & dual core 6ghz & 1 gig graphics card XP. In the past it used to turn off on its own when the heat gets to 45c but it wasnt that this time as I can see the heat written on the Fan as it spins so im totaly at a loss what the problem is this time. Any advice would be great.
watt and vot - Apr 30, 2009 at 06:04 AM
Thank you
1 / your cpu fan may be heat and defect.check the speed and heat in bious.3
2 programme may be defect repair 3 virous - go and scan on safe mode
Thank you
my computer does exactly the same its turn off when I play big games but when im using more light programs it is stil reloading. why?
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