Laptop Fan Does not ever come on

 Joe1980 -
I am trying to fix my friend's computer for him.
Here is what broke it [as far as I can tell]:

He had installed onto Windows Service Pack 3 a program in which changed windows to look like Linux.
He eventually got tired of it, and started to uninstall it, however his laptop crashed during the uninstallation-
At this point, Both Ubuntu AND Windows [safe mode and everything] Refused to work properly.

I now have it and only have installed Ubuntu 8.04.
Ubuntu Does not have any information regarding laptop heat nor any files on the fan-
To top everything off- The fan does not work even during the bootup page
[I even wrapped the laptop up to see if the fan would come on in the boot- Nothing]

I have no clue what to do, Nothing I am trying is working. Any help here?

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Have you flashed BIOS? Fan is normally controlled by BIOS, not operating system. you might need to ask professional repairers to flash BIOS.

or probably dust around the fan causes the problem. you might need to clean dust in your friend's computer.


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couple options

search for a driver for that specific pc that will run the fan
write your own
get rid of that crap and go back to windows, then install a virtual machine with ubuntu if you must use it

get vmware its an easy program that manages virtual machines inside of windows. you can run as many ubuntu instances as your computer can handle and no need for special drivers