Laptop fan does not stop (Compaq v3000)

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Hi Guys
I have a problem with Compaq V3000 (v3118au). This laptop has AMD Turion 64x2 1.6GHz. I upgraded New BIOS (F39), because the BIOS description says that F39 BIOS changes fan algorithm for AMD CPU. However, the fan of the laptop suddenly does not stop at all. The fan is constantly spinning always (bit noisy). I am using Debian with conky, so I can check CPU frequency and temperature. Although CPU frequency is 800MHz (I am using powernowd) and CPU temperature is under 38, the fan is still spinning. Is this a BIOS problem or a hardware problem? I contacted to HP online support, but they are not professionals. They do not know anything about the laptop. Does anyone know anything about the fan problem please?

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joe there is absolutely no problem with hardware, the problem is with youre nvidia Gpu go 6150, amd turion processor runs cool and suprisingly cooler than the nvidia 6150 gpu, prolonged usage with the older bios resulted in overheating of the gpu and often failure, this is a design defect in the nvidia chip itself accepted by Nvidia.
HP couldnot recall all the laptops, so it sort for a temperory solution of a bios update which resulted in cpu fan always on after update, hp is not providing you a solution, the laptop will die on day very soon, bios update will let it live a few months more surpasing its warranty. I suggest you use a extra cooling pad below the notebook, donot bother about the noise the fan makes and the extra cooler will make if you want youre laptop to live a bit long. the cpu temperature will not go pass 40 degrees celsius even if you use it whole day, but the gpu really heats up. The AMD processor is a masterpiece but its been history that heat is always associated with AMD, AMD processor suffer beacuse of some other chip makers fault. donot blame HP or AMD for a failure, it is nvidia. same problem with DV 5000 series with Nvidia graphic on a intel platform.
Hi Pramod

Thanks for your reply. I know that HP did not provide any solution. I will buy an extra cooling pad. Thanks again Pramod.
RE Hp and go 6150 overheating the problem is the thin blue thermal pad and shared heatsink google copper mod and order the copper heatsink to fir over the cnip and idle at 50 ish deg cent 70 max under load.
Dead easy to do with artic silver and 3 hrs diy time.
I also had the same problem now it is solved , Go to Bios Setup(pressing F8 When System is Switch on) and enter in to sytem option, there you have the fan option just select disabled option to avoid continous running.
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Go to the task manager and make sure the CPU is not being used at 100%.
Sometimes spyware installed on a laptop keeps the CPU busy at all times, causing it to produce more heat and having the fans go constantly.
Clean off your computer from unecessary programs. Eliminate unnecessary startup applications.
He is using Linux, read the post

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as I mentioned before, the CPU frequency is 800MHz (Maximum is 1.6GHz). That mens that the CPU usage is so low. that's why I am saying that there is something wrong with my laptop.
I have also encountered the same issue with my laptop. Mine is a Compaq Presario v6211au laptop with a AMD Turion X2 1.6 Ghz TL-60 Processor and after the BIOS update, the fan seems to be running all the time, although not at full speed.
The only solution is to get a cooling pad so that the laptop does not die fast due to excessive heat. My internal Wireless card got busted because of the excessive heat the laptop generates :(

can you please check and post here your CPU & GPU temps with SIW?

I'm thinking about changing my CPU from Sempron 3500+ to Turion TL-XX and your idle temp results would be useful for me.

Thanks a lot

Just had similar problem. Looked in Task Manager under Processes and 'Show all users' and found that there were three of the same program running that hadn't closed down properly from a few days ago. Did 'End Process' on these things and computer cooled down within minutes and fan stopped churning away. Have had this prob before with Win Word that failed to close and hogged resources for a week or so before I realised what was up.