Avira "preparing installations" constantly buffering

 Kevin -
I am not at all technical but am experiencing problems with my simple Avira protection.

I currently have 3 red umbrellas opened at the bottom left menu of my laptop, all of them are for "Avira setup" and show a buffering "preparing installation" rotation. They have been on my screen now for 10 hours.
When I try to close this with the red cross top right, none of them close.
When I try to right click any of the 3 red umbrellas on the bottom menu, I am offered: Avira Connect, pin this programme to the task bar and close window as choices, none of these stop the buffering.

I have gone into my Start menu, to both Avira launcher and Avira control centre but none of these buttons are working and i get a warning ring.
I have opened the tiny Avira ikon bottom bar right hand side which opens Avira launcher but offers no help there to stop the installation buffering.
I have tried closing down but the 3 red umbrella ikons wont close, meaning I have to pull the plug out to shut down, but all that does is keep buffering until I get a warning that my battery is now flat and my laptop will go into hibernation if I do not restart.

Can you tell me very simply how I am to proceed with this problem?


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What version of Windows are you using?

I suggest you try booting into "safe mode" and uninstalling Avira

Many thanks for getting back so fast to help me with your kind help. I much appreciate it.

I do not know what Version of microsoft my laptop uses as my control panel is now frozen. Is there some easy way I can check this? I last remember windows XP office, but that was many years ago and it may well have been upgraded during a service since then.

I have done a search as to how to reboot in safe mode and will work my way through the instructions thanks and let you know how i get on.

Thanks again
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To boot in safe mode, restart your computer while tapping F8.
Hello again and many thanks for getting back.

I had looked up how to reboot as well as how to deal install avira but my complete laptop ends up frozen and every key I touched came with a warning ring.

In consequence I have had to give my PC to the PC repairers and they will de install a view and substitute it for another antivirus . I am writing this from a tablet.

However I would like to thank you again for all your help and i would have tried your recommendations before my PC decided to stop completely.