Dell inspiron 15-3531 turns off and wont turn on unless I remove [Closed]

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Hello, my name is Robert and i bought a dell inspiron 15-3531 about a year and a half ago and it worked great for the first year but then it started doing this thing where it powers on and will stay on for a hour at most and then turn off and wont turn on till i remove the battery and charger then it'll do the same thing

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When you use it, do you use it on a flat surface? Not a blanket, or a pillow, or bed, but a flat surface that AIR can circulate under it? It sounds like classic case of overheating!
i usually have it on my bed but the fan vents are all able to breath
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Try this

1. Remove the battery and cable.

2. Press and hold the power button for 58 seconds.

3. Replug and start.

Good luck
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He has to that every single time!
tried that didnt work

You may think that, but it can't It is shutting off for a reason! Put it on a HARD surface, like a table top, or if you have to have it in bed, then put a hard surface under it!