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I recently installed windows xp sp2 on a pc with pentium III machine,128 mb ram at 133mhz.In order to install,I had to remove HDD from original pc and connect it to a pc with a better processor.Upon completion of installation of OS,I reconnected HDD to original machine and it wouldn't start up at.I had installed avast antivirus 2009 on HDD in addition to MSO 2007,Adobe reader and WIN RAR on machine before reconnection.Seeing that it would not start up,I hit the reset button and got the menu with 'safe mode' and 'start windows normally' options,I tried to start in safe mode but it still would not start up.I tried all other options but none worked for me.What could be the problem?

Let me also mention that when I tested the HDD on my other machine it was starting up fine.Please help A.S.A.P.

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May 10, 2009 at 08:21 AM
This is because service pack hasnt been installed on your pc. it doesnt have you hal settings
Thanks xpvista,

the problem with my other machine though is that wen I connected a cd rom to it and tried to but from it,it wouldn't boot up and enable me to install xp.That was the main reason I installed it using the other machine.The pc doesn't enable me to make any changes in the BIOS.What could be the issue here?With the BIOS MENU that is.How do I enable it to start booting from cd rom drive so I can install OS on the machine?