Windows Vista Won't Recongnize WD Ext HardDri

 Ramos612 -

Windows Vista Won't Recongnize WD Ext HardDrive. When I plug it in sometimes the "F" Drive will pop up in My Computer but will not be named as my Hard Drive and and also will not let me open it or right click on the "F" Drive icon. Then other times it will not show up at all the Hard Drive doesn't even get a drive letter. I can not see the WD Hard Drive when I go to Computer Management at all.

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Thursday September 18, 2008
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May 11, 2009
Did you try connecting the external hard drive on another pc?
Yes I have with the same results. I have also asked some of my co-workers to hook it up to there Laptops and still get the same results doesn't show up in My Computer. We are thinking it a power problem or the case is just messed up. I have already orderd a Hard Drive Docking station and hopefully that fixes the issue.