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help me i have a dell labtop and when i type in my log in coad it looks like it is loading but then it just never goes into windows it just shows my back ground.... nothing els.... whats rong with it

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Maybe your User profile is corrupted.

Try making a new User Account in Start > Control Panel > User Accounts and try to login using that.

If it works you can delete your old User Account AFTER you have copied all your files from the old account in C:\Users\your OLD account name\Documents ...... (and Downloads or anything else you need to move)
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Oh yeah, - and don't forget your emails.

But ......

If normal mode doesn't work at all, can you get into Safe Mode by repeatedly tapping F8 as the computer boots up?

If so you could maybe try "Last known good configuration" or one of the other safe mode options?

Then if you do manage to get past logon and into Windows you could use System Restore to before the problem occurred.
htats the problum thow i have my main account pass coad and my other account i doant know the coad..

it was my brothers so im sher the computer is full of STD's fum mass amounts of poarn..
but anew wase wen i type in the login coad and press login.. it looks like it is gunna do it but then
..u know how wen u log inthe vary first thing you see is wour background and then your app,s and load welli just never can get it to load..

>>>>>wate what if i work on safe moad how do i opperate that???????<<<<<<<<<