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I can control my volume, but I have to do it the long way. I used to have a picture of a little speaker at the bottom right hand of my computer (task Bar) and when I clicl on it I would get a slider bar that allowed me to control my volume,and all of a sudden it is not there and I can't figure out how to restore it,any help will be greatly appreciated.

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i dnt have volume on my laptop anymore at the bottom of the task bar where it shows the pic of volume it shows an x by it it says no audio output divice is installed what do i do ?...............thanks
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u have to install a device driver software, i've always used REALTEK AC'97. Its free and it works with all sound devices. google it and download it.
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Right click on the task bar > Proprieties > notification zone, and make sure that the case corresponding to the volume is checked.

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I've got the same problem but my volume box is grey so I can't check it. Any ideas?
I had the same problem but I've just run new downloads arrived today & when I went to properties the volume was no longer greyed out. Ticked it and the volume control is back.