What is acceptable laptop temps?

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 Franklinite - Jan 21, 2017 at 10:52 AM
Hi,I would like to know if my notebook CPU and GPU temps are OK on idle and gaming? My CPU temp = 76°Cand GPU temp = 83°C while gaming,at idle both are between 40-50 deg.C

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Jan 12, 2017 at 05:31 AM
Hi Franklinite,

The best thing to do is to check your laptop’s manual. If a temperature is OK depends on the hardware’s model. I would say that those temperatures look a bit high. I would advise you to clean your cooling fans and check again. Are there any performance issues or shut downs out of nowhere?

Hope this helps

Hi sorry for late reply but my laptop has no performance issues neither any freeze or shut-down problems ....I tried opening the device but it seems thr is something still keeping it together, is there perhaps any screws secretly hidden I don't of? Is there any screws beneath my keyboard I need to loosen perhaps because I don't want to force the the casing open?
Lol....I think I commented in the wrong area but to answer you...no,I don't have any performance issues and laptop is running quite well. It's hard to get the right info on temps from the internet because the probability of someone with the same laptop specs a mine,with the same concern ,are quite narrow . I thought coming onto the forum would be a lot more efficient since we have computer wise people here with on point assistance.I will search the manual online tho.
Thanks friend
Oh and I'm kinda afraid of damaging the device by opening it since the last attempt wasn't so successful .I stopped the disassembly process when all the screws was loosened and it still didn't wan to open ...maybe I didn't loosen them all but as far as my eyes could see ,all screws was loose .is there perhaps any screws beneath my keyboard ?