Dell Inpsiron N4030 will not start POST, FN not help [Solved/Closed]

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I have been working on a Inspiron N4030 laptop and has been one problem after the other. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. When i first looked at this laptop it would not get power, no lights. So i replaced the power jack card (common to go out), and battery. That did not fix it, so i then replaced the mobo. It booted great and was pretty quick, well not even 3 boot ups and then new problem. When I would power it on, only the power and CD lights would flash and then continue to flash on about 2 second intervals. Then i tried using the FN and power to bypass POST and this worked only to get hung up at the Dell logo, which in turned created a new problem of 7 beeps. I found a fix to let it keep beeping for a few hours while wrapped up (to get warm), which i tried and it quit beeping after 30 minutes or so and was very warm, this fix also worked because i made it to the Windows screen, then locked up again.
At this point there are no beeps, the FN and power does nothing, and am back to only the power light and CD light flash every 2-3 seconds. Sorry for the long post, just wanted all details known.
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Thank you
Hi ashton,

You have done pretty good job trying to solve the issue. So, right now the laptop does not power up and you get no noises from the PC, right? Since you have tested the power cables and you have replaced the motherboard, it seems that you may be facing a CPU problem. When you replaced the motherboard, did you change the thermal paste? Unfortunately, there may be a processor issue. For more troubleshooting options I advise you to contact the manufacturer’s support.

Hope this helps

Thank you, R2D2_WD 1

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Thank you
Thank you for your response. I did get to work by taking it all apart and cleaning all the connectors i could. When i put it back together it fired right up. I think you are right about the CPU possibly failing. But so far so good.
Thanks R2D2!