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Wednesday May 13, 2009
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May 29, 2009
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Dear fellows i hope you all are fine. I want to share something with you. That most of us make folders in our computer directories and after some days they forget where they have saved files or make directires so i have a solution for all the problems realated to it. that we can remember that folders and also access them in complex tree structure like subfolders for exmple a folder is saved in D:\test\test1\test2\test3\test4 and we want to open it only one command can open it and its easy you do not have to install any software its builtin in windows. You kindy visit this link for the lab. it will tell you the whole story with images and its really easy.
For more information you may visit my vuhelp url. it will show you the lab and commands with Pictures.

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where is d link