Why does my laptop not turn on... right away?

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I have a hp pavilion dv2000 laptop. Everything works great but when in use I've noticed that the bottom gets really hot, (just putting it for extra info). Also I can turn it off but when I go to turn it on it won't. I push down on the button but nothing occurs. I have to try a couple of times and hold it down for about 30 secs for it to start. Other times I have to leave it alone for hours with the charger in. I know that the battery isn't running low because the charger is in 24/7 and the blue light notifying the charge in on as well.

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I have also a pv2000 with the same problem. I recently discovered the issue is not new to hp laptop owners. the problem is aparenly unsolved or keept secret by HP. It must be the BIOS chip/program that is purposly design to force the users to purchase the HP extended waranty. Why don't you try to see what HP service said about this?
They need extra charges like with the HP injet printers cardriges.
This is my point of view.
I have the same problem...Were you able to fix it? What should I do? Mine is a compaq presario f500.