Monitor No Display Blinking Light, PC Boots

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Hi everyone,

My monitor is not getting signal when I start the PC, the light keeps blinking (behaving like it is connected but PC is off).

Problems started with a power outage (I assume) because the PC wasn't even starting. PSU was fried so I replaced it. That fixed the power problem, but then I realized the monitor issue. The PSU seems to not have been the only part affected but I have not been able to diagnose the cause.

Monitor seems to work - when I disconnect the DVI cable theres a little floating message saying No Signal. So there is a display, just not when I need it to be there.

Monitor only has a DVI input and I can't connect it to anything else besides the PC because I have nothing else with DVI ports - I tried two DVI cables, one new.

Tested two Graphic cards - one of which definitely worked.

Checked the CMOS battery - voltage is at 2.98 something V, also took it out for a bit and cleaned it.

Checked the RAM sticks by trying each one in each of the ports - no visible change.

Obviously I want to get my monitor to work - but if there are any other ways to test any of the parts that could be causing the issue without another PC and without working display, that would help me narrow down the problem.

Thank you all in advance.

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So your PC only has DVi outputs? If that is the case, then you only have an external video source, and it sounds like it got fried! Take out the video card and see if your PC offers a beep. If it does, then the video card is fried! If it doesnt beep, then the problem is with the MB, as it does not detect there is no video source. Post back!

I encourage you to hook the PC up to another display, not the other way around.

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