Keyboard and monitor no display

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My pc was working fine. Cpu fan broke. Still pc was running with broken fan. I replaced new cooling fan and added 2gb ram. Cleaned motherboard and started pc. All working fine. Suddenly after approx two hours display went off and bip sound started coming. Cpu fan was working. But can't see display n keyboard not working.
Can anyone help to resolve.
I did clean motherboard for dust.
I cleaned ram with rubber eraser
I checked power cord connecting cpu n monitor
I did the CMOS RESET by changing cap

still no display. No keyboard n mouse access. Only mother board fan is running n DVD drive j can open n close.

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So, when you were handling the sensitive parts, did you have an ESD wrist strap on? take out the RAM, and attmept to boot. If it doesn't beep, then the MB is fried. If it beeps, then add in 1 RAM at a time, botting in between insertion of RAM. Post back!