Merge pdf pages any program without & rotate

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Hello, merge pdf pages any program without & rotate then save how?

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Are you attempting to publish something?

It is called work! Do it, and save it, then print it, the publish it!
no anything publishing doesnt im. just mine pc on entire pdf items merging im. however some pages top/down like created, this for rotate make shall im it saving i. but page the close then again every opening at page previous like head down being.

Have you looked on the Adobe support site yet:

I found that by utilizing google!
already either i here searching im. however still here even fully solution wasnt. be shall wanted side to flip & that save. (top-down-right-left)

OK, you best option is to re-scan the item! The PDf was created upside down, and you need to re-scan it!
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of course repeatly scanning im, however device which determines if that making. but generally unwanted side to making. scanned item here putting cant im unfortunately. image button where?